Feb 212017

This really is the Holy Grail! http://www.guitarcenter.com/Dean/ Dean is absolutely stunning and is definitely an instrument that you will love and cherish for a lifetime! Guitar Center describes Dean:

“With innovative build techniques and eye-popping body shapes, Dean has always stood out in the world of musical instruments. This innovation can easily be traced back to the founder of the company, Dean Zalinsky. A true original, he founded Dean on the idea that your instrument should not only sound the best, it should look the best as well. Nearly 40 years later, Dean continues to craft some of the most impressive instruments on the planet. Since the beginning, Dean has been a company that puts the artist first, which is why so many fantastic performers have played Dean instruments throughout the years. Legendary guitarists like Dimebag Darrel, Dave Mustaine, and Michael Schenker, as well as up and comers like Ashley Purdy, Laura Wilde, and Jacky Vincent, have all hit the stage with Dean instruments during their careers, inspiring legions of fans to do the same. So what kind of Dean are you looking for? Not only does this versatile company make acoustic and electric guitars and basses, they also make mandolins, banjos, resonators, and more! Having an idea of the type of instrument you want as well as your needs will go a long way in determining your perfect instrument. For example, are you a burgeoning bassist or guitarist who is finally looking to own their first instrument? If so, you should definitely have a look at options such as the Edge 09 Bass and Amp Pack or the Vendetta Guitar & Amp Pack. Sets such as these give you everything you need to practice your chops and prepare for the big stage. Maybe you’re looking to really make a statement on stage, then have a look at the Custom Zone Electric Guitar or Custom Zone 4-String Bass Guitar. The Custom Zone instruments are highlighted by absolutely outrageous finishes that will stand out anywhere. And most importantly, they sound just as good as they look! And that’s only scratching the surface. Dean offers such a diverse number of instruments, that you’ll love exploring the catalogue and finding new favorites. Once you do, you’ll be ready strum any song you want in no time.”

Most definitely check out these pieces of art and think about Christmas, birthdays, graduation and other special events that you may have this year! Shopping early for the perfect gift and knowing you are prepared is a wonderful feeling. If not for someone else, shop for yourself, YOU deserve this type of quality and beauty!!

Feb 012017

The new school semester just began here and many students are taking woodwind & brasswind as part of their art credits.

This means you may be tasked with purchasing this instrument and what better place to do that then a shop that sells so many different brands and has their entire expertise based on this artistic style?

Whether you are a student, parent or someone who just loves to learn this is a wonderful shop for your musical needs!

Feb 012017

Musicians Friend is a company I have talked about many times and thought I would again today! As far as music instrument shops online this one simply can’t be beat.

They have parts for pretty much anything you may need, you can set up a high end professional set or you can be a straight out beginner looking for starter equipment and books. Whatever your needs or budget this amazing shop really does have it all.

Right now, Musicians Friend even encourages you to give them a call if you are looking for coupons! How awesome is that type of service!?

I love to give reviews of products, books and even companies so when I really love something I am going to talk about it! Definitely check them out and let me know how your experience with Musicians Friend went!!

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