Apr 152015

I saw this YouTube video for a cool head band and I am really excited to see about ordering one! According to the video it can be worn as a headband, under a bike helmet, a s a ponytail or even as a wrist band. It shows it on both men and women which is also fun! I am so excited for you to watch how to wear a half buff at AvidMax website and to let me know what you think and how it will work for you. I have a couple of people in mind who I think this would work really well for, like my dad who works outside all the time and gets sunburned and a friend who spends much of her time in the garden growing and teaching. Plus, we also have all those people who are on medications (like myself) who can use some extra sun protection since some medications make you more sensitive to the sun. There is a “Buff” for pretty much all weather from winter to summer with UV protection or without, and some with bug repellent and UV protection! How exciting is that?

I hope you enjoy this video and give this awesome product a try because it looks like it has been thought out for every season and for every wearer.

Fun Facts

“The UV Buff is made from Coolmax Extreme fabric to block 95% of UV rays* and wick sweat quickly away from your skin with its four-channel fiber. Ultimately designed to keep you comfortable and protected hour after hour on long, sun-filled adventures.”

“Don’t let bug bites and sunburn put a damper on your adventure. Infused with an invisible repellent that lasts through 70 washings, the UV Insect Shield Buff helps keep biting insects at bay. Plus, it blocks 95% of harmful UV rays and features Polygiene technology to kill odor-causing bacteria.”

Jan 112014

Dress First Prom Dresses

I know its only January but time is flying and soon enough it will be spring which means it is already time to start looking for that perfect prom dress!

Dress First has anCapture amazing selection of prom dresses in all styles and sizes so even the pickiest of young ladies can get the prom dress they have always dreamed of at a price that she can afford! With 750 styles currently listed under the prom dress category you should have no problem finding THEE dress while shopping this website. I definitely recommend looking under several categories to be sure you find something you absolutely love. There is no reason whatsoever to settle on a gown through Dress First.

If you are planning your wedding a large majority of the dresses under the prom dress link would make amazing bridesmaid dresses that will fit into any budget.

Speaking of prom dresses, the young lady is going to need accessories as well and Dress First has a wide variety of shoes and hair pieces and even some jewellery to complete any outfit and have your princess walking out the door looking like a queen!

At Dress First you can get more than just prom dresses. They also have wedding gowns, cocktail dresses, formal wear for a special occasion, finishing touches like ring bearer cushions and guestbooks and so much more!

Don’t forget the after party celebrations that prom night is notorious for. You can get an amazing second dress to change out of a gown so you can be comfortable and look great while you celebrate graduation long into the night. After a night of dancing and dinner at your prom itself it is definitely nice to refresh with a new outfit that doesn’t weigh as much and can be considered more casual.

On a side not I urge everyone who is attending prom this year to participate in a safe prom and to avoid drinking and drugs. If for whatever reason you do decide to indulge call for a ride and NEVER trust that a somewhat less intoxicated friend will get you home safely. Sure your family may be mad about your actions but making that phone call shows that you are maturing into a responsible adult who can be trusted. Speaking as a mother, I would rather my children call me anytime than for the police to knock on the door to tell me there has been an accident. So, while you are planning your evening and your wardrobe plan ahead on ways to stay safe.

For the graduate, prom is a right of passage from being a teen to being grown up. Let your mom take those embarrassing prom photo’s, try to do your hair in a style that won’t be regrettable in 20 years and use Dress First to help you make smart shopping choices at unbeatable discount prices on pieces that are trending in fashion.

Don’t forget to accessorize!







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