Sep 182013

Marketing Online -Making the Most of Your Networks

Online marketing is the new way to advertise and often times for free but if you are like me and are running your own business you may quickly find that social networking sometimes is a great way to get your company out there and get new clients while other times you may work your butt off and get absolutely nowhere for your hours and hours of long hard and often monotonous work.

So, how do we get around these long hours?

Well, there are many different company’s that you can buy into as a second source of income, like Empower Network, but unless you decide to be ALL IN and put in full-time hours (at least to start) your results will be mediocre at best. This is when you want to call in the experts, pay to get your networking done right and truly invest in your business, yourself and your future. So say goodbye to programs like Hootsuite and hello to SEO.

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What is SEO?

If you spend any amount of time online I am certain you have seen the term SEO before, but what does it really mean. Well its direct meaning is “Search Engine Optimization”. This means that every post you make, every network you use needs to be placed strategically so that search engines will find your company and ads easily and have traffic flowing to you with a few simple tricks.

Not familiar with placing ads or are just sick of working for so little? No problem! That is exactly what companies like HubShout are for! You can sign up today with HubShout and improve your search engine status, boost traffic to your site/ad, make social media work for you and have state of the art software to ensure that your clients get the best experience they can when dealing with you and whatever your promoting!

This video is from HubShout’s Youtube Channel. They have MANY videos, some upwards of an hour-long, explaining things in further detail so that YOU are successful with all of your endeavors!

How Else Can You Make Money Marketing Online?

HubShout actually has an affiliate program where you can resell the products and earn money doing it! So not only can you benefit from their SEO and other programs but you will be a part of this revolution in marketing and take it one step further and actually earn while you learn! For more information on partnering with HubShout please visit this page.

What Else?

For more information on the importance of marketing properly. Marketing yourself. Marketing your business and plain old just for fun learning definitely do a search of the importance of SEO in today’s market. Learn from the mistakes of others and last but definitely not least become familiar with the terminology associated with marketing today. Wikipedia has a great article that includes simple explanations of these wonky letters that you are only going to see more of on your online journey!


Your online anyway, you may as well make money!


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