Sep 272016

It can be crazy to search through the hundreds of guitars available to find the good acoustic guitars so Musicians Hub has done the hard work for us and has selected several wonderful acoustic guitars at different price ranges, all with great reviews and awesome sound. There is definitely something magical when a person picks up their guitar and without warning their fingers move and music that moves your soul fills the room with a voice that follows suit. I absolutely love listening to ANYTHING played on an acoustic guitar and definitely hear and see the difference between a beginner model and a high quality instrument!

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Sep 272016

The boss rc-50 is the most feature laden loop station created by Boss. Some of it’s many features include:

  • 7 footswitches for intuitive control; realtime control of playback speed
  • Play up to 3 stereo phrase tracks simultaneously, all synced to an internal or MIDI clock
  • Ultra-long recording time (up to 49 min., mono), 99 patches (3 master loops per patch)
  • Undo/Redo function for recording and overdubbing
  • Center-cancellation feature
  • Flat amplifier simulation feature
  • Stereo input, dual stereo output, XLR phantom-powered mic input, stereo mini-jack aux input (for recording from an MP3 players, etc.)

Check it out at where they LITERALLY have everything you could want or dream of!!!

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Mar 242016

I am so excited to know that you can get blank sheet music from the Musician’s Friend website!! I shouldn’t be surprised since you can literally get everything for any musician but knowing that you can go to the pro’s for your sheet music rather than sketching it down haphazardly on lined paper or searching for something on Amazon you can get tried and true items specifically made just for you!

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